Who are we?

Kova [finnish: tough guy] it’s alpha male in city jungle, gadgeteer, loves new technology. Works everyday in marketing - achieved expert level. Interested in trends - fashion/photo/video/design. Not a guy, who loves tie and suit. If you go down the street and see a man in a cargo trousers and checked shirt - it's probably he. Likes funny situations and he is also 100% sure that he really can do big things



Founder of KOVA Agency. Photographer, movie producer, connoisseur of a new media. graduated student of Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts. He shares with pleasure his knowledge and experience concerning visual creation during meetings, organised by himself.


Rocket Man. Audiovisual producer, brought up in '90. He eats sound of old school samples on breakfast and newest movie technics on dinner.
Music, tattoo and adrenaline are definitely his beloved things.

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Visual art, branding and typography lover. Likes to eat lots of pasta during Kayne West's music sessions.